What to Expect:
Business portraits or head shots help market you and your business. We all like to know who we’re doing business with even if we have never met them and with company websites, Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn plus traditional printed marketing materials there’s more reason than ever to present the right image. 
A business portrait or headshot used on marketing materials and social media sites is a powerful business tool.  Reflecting more than just a physical likeness,  when done properly it also communicates your professionalism and uniqueness. It will raise your profile to those within your own business and beyond and encourage people to engage and network with you. Done right, it becomes part of your brand. We all know people like to do business with people they know, like and trust – is your business portrait creating the right impression?


My images will show a relaxed but professional you. I take a little time to get to know a bit about you and your business role to ensure the portrait created for you reflects this. No formal pen holding or stiff poses but a refreshing and approachable image that says ‘come and talk to me”.
The session fee includes a short business evaluation, your shoot time (up to 1 hour), editing and processing of all images which are presented (minimum 10 images) in a private online gallery from which three chosen images are included in the fee. Advice will be provided on location and what to wear (a change of outfit is recommended).

£ 125 for individual business/actor portraits.
( Please contact me for a quote if more than one person requires a business portrait in your organisation or you require additional workplace imagery in addition to a headshot session).

Your chosen images are presented as digital files in both high resolution (300dpi for printing) and low resolution (72dpi for web). Additional images are charged at £25 per image.


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